4 Small Kitchen Ideas to Increase Space in Style

As you already know if you spend some time in your kitchen you probably realized that it will never be big enough to fit everything you want. By doing some minor adjustments you can find simple solutions that will give some style and functionality in your kitchen.

Here are 4 small kitchen ideas to increase space without ruing the aesthetic of your kitchen

1. Think of height instead of length

Sometimes the idea of extending your kitchen is out of the question either due to lack of space or lack of money. The solution for this is to think vertically. An extra set of smaller closets above the ones you already have could provide you with a lot of useful space.

In order to avoid excessive wooden structures, there’s always the use cabinets with glass doors. Following the already existing patterns, you could gain plenty of space for appliances that you don’t use often.

2. Use small shelves on metallic rails on your bench’s surface

This way you’ll release space from the cabinets and drawers where you usually store small jars with spices or big spoons. Purchase small jaws for your spices in the same motive and decorate them on your hanging shelves.

3. Take advantage of your cabinets doors

A series of mechanisms which make our lives easier are available in the market. These can be used to store lids of pots, as well as other cooking appliances. For example a small cabinet with rolling wheels is always handy in a small kitchen. It can be hidden easily under a table at any time or even move it out of the kitchen if necessary.

4. Décor your kitchen wall with pots

Instead of wall frames, you could always hang your strainers, shallow pans and cookware. These could become excellent decorating items for your kitchen if placed in a neat fashion and at the right spots.

I hope these four small kitchen ideas will help you maximize your storage space and also improve the style of your kitchen.

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