5 Creative And Attractive Ways To Give A Modern Feel To Your Old Kitchen

Work with five creative and attractive ways to give a modern feel to your old kitchen with a custom homes flare. Modernizing an older kitchen takes a little thinking about what you need. Updating with newer styles and appliances that make your work easier is a great start. Appliance and utility items in a kitchen may need a total change; this is expensive. Fortunately, updating a few of these items will make a big difference.

Workstation or Window Seat

Add a workstation to your custom home kitchen. Whether you need to manage paperwork while you maneuver a few sandwiches or the sunlight hits the room just right. Whatever your reason, this is a great way to use spare living space. Add a window seat to your kitchen area. If you are fortunate, and have beautiful full windows, make use of them with a lovely sitting area. This spot is great for little chats.

Extra Pantry Space

Storage is a necessity in a kitchen and there is never enough. Create a place for specialty items, extra can goods or kitchen ware; a wonderful way to keep those extra things you enjoy in the kitchen. It is possible to pack your pantry with extraordinary features by adding compartments and designated shelving for special storage. Create space for extra large items and a secure spot for breakables. Include storage for special holiday cooking utensils. This will limit the clutter in the daily cooking area.

Grill or Convection oven

Baking or grilling food is great when the cooking space in a custom home is equipped for the job. A grilling surface in the kitchen really brings it up to speed. Cook a whole list of things on the grill or in a modern convection oven. Speed up your cook time with these conveniences. Spending all day in the kitchen is a thing of the past and these updated appliances will get dinner done, you out, and relaxing with as little work as possible.


Extra lighting in any room is convenient but it is especially nice in the kitchen. Lighting under counters, over cooking spaces and sky lighting offers a kitchen a nice touch and adds utility to your custom home space. Lighting helps to expand working areas. It is difficult to do some jobs for lack of light but with additional lighting, it is possible to work in any area of the kitchen. Toning the brightness down in the kitchen is important too, leaving just enough light to function in quieter hours of the evening.

Add Outlets and Cooking Vent Systems

Add wall outlets. This is a wiring problem and not every budget is up to the task. In some instances, a surge protector may work to add convenience to a kitchen. Some have as many as six convenient outlets and fit neatly along your counters. If your kitchen ventilation system is outdated add a beautiful copper hood, they are attractive and useful. There are many wonderful shapes and sizes and this will give a kitchen a look of real elegance. Custom sizes are available.

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