About me

Hello! My name is Sarah and my little blog abode – Joyfully Gray – is where I preserve my past with written word and photographs; it is my treasury of love, a collection of quirky outfits, family tales, and personal reflections. Mostly I write because I do not want to forget, but also because I want to share my joy; because I want to find silver lining in my heartache; because it brings me happiness; and because it pushes me count my blessings and find gladness throughout everyday.

I am a wife to Mateo; mother to our Chee and a lit teacher to a rowdy – yet endearing – audience of teens. In addition to my main gigs, I am a blogger, a book fiend, music enthusiast, thrift store zealot and style scout. I have a bohemian spirit, an old soul, too kind a heart and a tendency for wanderlust.

The desire to roam was sparked and ingrained in my as a child: moving often and traveling the globe. I was born in the hills of West Viginia and spent my first five years in a sweet log cabin with my mom, dad and two brothers. The years in-between five and 15 were spent in Texas and Oklahoma, until my family moved to the Czech Republic at the start of my tenth grade year, where I attended the International School of Prague.

Fast forward: College. I am an alum of The University of Oklahoma where I earned a B.A. in English Literature. I chose literature because I never knew what to do or how to laso my creative energy and I happened to write a killer paper. As a part of my undergrad career, I studied abroad in Stockholm, Sweden at Stockholm University – a year dedicated to running about Stockholm and traveling all over Europe via planes and trains.

Fast forward: Marriage & Motherhood. I married my dream boy when I was twenty-four. We had our daughter, Lucia, after four years of marriage.  She is our love and light.