I wish the heaviest thing around was the big pot of soup on the stove, but instead, it is my heart. I wish I could  easily gush over the gormeant grilled cheese sandwhiches I made, the concoctions of stew that I have been serving up, and how much I enjoy the hum and buzz of tunes that echo from our record player everyday.

But I cannot.

As many joyous things I find to fill my winter days – how I love this season – no matter what I do to spend the chilly time, my thoughts just keep going in one direction.


Sandy Hook Elementary School.

I keep thinking of those babies, those teachers, that community. Those mamas and those papas.

My heart is heavy with ache.

So I am not going to write about my life and my days of late. I am instead sending thoughts and love to Sandy Hook. I am going to pray for that community. I am going to hope. I am going to try to conjure ideas of what I can do to help. If anything. But at least  – or until then – I will pray.


For love and peace. For Christmas to fill the hearts of those in such pain.