Lucia is responsible for her entire first day of school ensemble: horsey shirt – a must, grey leggings and plaid shoes that she had to have because they look like her cousin Adalynn’s.  An apple on the car ride with the the Tarzan sound track blasting in the background. Her favorite song, “Stranger,”  by Phil Collins, which cracks me up every time she requests it.

She had a great first day and came home with many stories to tell. Our return back to the grind has been much more difficult for me than it has been for her; I have been belly aching about all day without my tiny at my heals.

So apt my little girl – the choice of song was appropriate for the start of school and learning new things.

I can see there’s so much to learn
It’s all so close and yet so far
I see myself as people see me
Oh, I just know there’s something bigger out there.

Love you, Lucia-Pucia. I hope you always know that there is something bigger out there. So much bigger. This one is for you:

Simple & Sweet :: July

Baby showers and patting preggo bellies,
hunting for the perfect moccasins,
 lots of time with our nephew, Chee’s cousin – Jack, 
red white and blue, 
play time with Maddox and the Pineapple Lily cuties
sleeping late,
 floral prints, 
smoking up the kitchen with dry ice, 
croquet in the back yard,
 more baby Jack – four occasions for visits and holding his cute face in a three week span!

Through Lucia’s Lens

I can hardly keep my camera away from Lucia; she gets her hands on everyday it and goes to town. She captures a little bit of everything from an entirely different angle, which is always fun to see. Not only do I find it endearing, but I think I might have a little artist on my hands. Here is a viewing of her latest work: 
This weekend was packed: from Plaza Live on Friday; to a Saturday with a sweet baby shower, a bit of basketball, an old friend in town and  filling up on sushi;  to Sunday with a trip to Ponca City and back. I feel too tired for it to be Monday!  But it is going to be a good day… here is some Jack White to prove it:
Hotel Yorba by Jack White on Grooveshark

Summer Brights + Tunes

Last night we took our Chee swimming at the neighbor’s pool and she was alive with enthusiasm. She and her daddy played “Ariel and King Tritan” for as long as the day would allow, while I observed their game and kicked my feet on the steps of the bright blue lagoon.
Despite our attempts to wear out our little one, she put up her usual fight at bed time. Every night I lay next to her and ignore her hundreds of attempts to strike up conversation. She chats away and asks me questions, I refuse her game most of the time, until something like the following comes up and I cannot deny her a response:
“Mom, I need you to tell me something.”
“Mom, does college mean that you put stuff in the attic?”
Giggles from me.
“I suppose it does Lucia, but you have many more summers before you have to worry about that. 
Go to sleep. 
I love you.”
“I love you too. 
And college.”