26+ BEST Christmas Diy Decor ideas – Easy DIY Christmas Decorations

christmas diy decor ideas

If you suddenly decided this year to decorate your house in the style of Scandinavian Christmas Diy Decor, then this article will help you in this. The Scandinavian theme of the Christma decor 2018 includes elements taken from nature, such as deer horns, spruce branches, branches of dry trees and so on. Also this style in the decor is characterized by the following color palette: white, cream, gray, pale blue, green and red. For example, white walls can serve as a beautiful background for red ribbons and green wreaths. All elements of decor are simple and at the same time unusual. You will find that for decorative ideas you can use what you have at home. Scandinavian style of Christmas Diy Decor ideas helps create a light, fun and festive atmosphere in your house on holidays.

Easy DIY Christmas decorations in the style of northern design are very popular due to their lack of talent, elegance and simplicity.

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If you do not have a fireplace in your house, do not worry about it. There are many alternatives for such a tradition as hanging stockings for gifts over the fireplace. For example, they also look good on the wall. After fantasizing, you can add to them your little strokes in the form of ribbons, wooden hearts and stars.

And what a holiday without the Christmas calendar Advent. Christmas calendar (German Adventskalender) – a special calendar in European countries, showing the time remaining until Christmas. Traditionally it is a postcard or a cardboard house with opening windows, where in each cell there is a candy, a note with wishes (in religious families – with excerpts from the Scriptures) or small gifts. Calendars can also be in the form of bags, sachets, handbags or bundles hung on a tape. The Christmas calendar consists of 24 days, begins on the first of four Sundays before Christmas (or December 1) and ends on Christmas Eve.



Lucia is responsible for her entire first day of school ensemble: horsey shirt – a must, grey leggings and plaid shoes that she had to have because they look like her cousin Adalynn’s.  An apple on the car ride with the the Tarzan sound track blasting in the background. Her favorite song, “Stranger,”  by Phil Collins, which cracks me up every time she requests it.

She had a great first day and came home with many stories to tell. Our return back to the grind has been much more difficult for me than it has been for her; I have been belly aching about all day without my tiny at my heals.

So apt my little girl – the choice of song was appropriate for the start of school and learning new things.

I can see there’s so much to learn
It’s all so close and yet so far
I see myself as people see me
Oh, I just know there’s something bigger out there.

Love you, Lucia-Pucia. I hope you always know that there is something bigger out there. So much bigger. This one is for you: