Fancy A Change In Your Kitchen?

It’s often said that if you want to have a great party, have it in your kitchen. Is your kitchen ready for company? What does your home decor say about you? Whether you have a modern dream kitchen or something that is scaled back and tailored to your specific needs, many will be able to figure out your personality on the basis of your kitchen.

Paint The Kitchen Red

Are you flamboyant? Do you stand out in a crowd as being the hot and spicy one? Do you prefer something that is a bit more gourmet? Choosing a dramatic red color can really make an impact on your modern kitchen. If you’re not quite up having an all red kitchen, how about a feature wall in red? Picture a shiny red that will stand out in a crowd. Not that brave? Go for a muted shade of color then such as a lighter shade of red or a burgundy.

Fresh White Look

If you have more of a passion for the simple life, no clutter, no fuss, you might prefer a white kitchen. Clean simplistic lines and clutter free make htis an easy look to pull off. It’s easy to mix and match your color schemes when you start with a basic white. A fridge and freezer combo and dishwasher will all look ideal in this kitchen.

Dare To Be Different

Want a show stopper? Want something that oozes luxury? How about a black kitchen. Strikingly individual and sure to impress you’re going to make a bold statement with this selection. Pick out a glittery mirror back splash to make a unique feature and reflect light back into the room. Your kitchen will be practical and focal. You’ll definitely stand out in a crowd with this bold choice.

A Touch of Sunshine

If you’re seeking a touch of warmth add a touch of sunshine. Yellow is ideal to boost your spirits and show your guests that they are welcome. Small kitchens will feel and appear larger with this color. Keep the clutter down to make it appear even larger and your family will have a warm glow all day long.

Shades of Blue Fancy

Perhaps you fancy something blue. With so many shades of blue you’re sure to find the ideal color for your home. Go vintage or try something pale with a pattern. Classic blue and white tiles with old fashioned blue china will really set this color off. Blue will lend an air of elegance to your look and if you’re an assertive person you can select a bolder and brighter shade to show your true personality.

Go Green

Trying to go to a greener lifestyle? Start with your kitchen. You’re likely a laid back person and you enjoy being in tune with nature. Refreshing and soothing this is an ideal combination for wooden cabinets or traditional styling. Select chrome appliances to set things off in this kitchen.

Vibrant Purple

If you’re the sol of the party and you want to stand out, go with purple. There’s nothing that quite says luxury like purple does. Purple works well with many accent colors and you will be able to have either a feature wall or select purple as the overall color in a variety of shades. Purple works best in larger kitchens.

Where Should I Begin?

If you’re seeking a new style or look to your kitchen, pick up some tester colors at your local hardware store. Try it before you buy it and see if you can live with it. Who knows, you might just find your personality and reflect it back to others through your choice of kitchen colors in your home.

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