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Simple Interior Design Guidelines

Whether you happened to move in the area or you’re looking for a way to improve what you already own, these simple and useful design tips will give you a chance to renew your home. Not much effort is required here, so look forward toward doing a lot with a few small changes. Let’s begin with the first one on our list:

You should focus on painting your rooms in a softer color palette, as this will help you make the room appear more spacious. A room of any size may feel cramped if you don’t approach it the right way, so you can also lessen that effect with the strategic application of mirrors. They can help reflect the natural light from the outside, creating a brighter, more spacious environment to enjoy. No matter how much natural lighting you have though, you will still experience a boxed-in feel if you allow darker colors to be prevalent in your rooms.

As we mentioned before you should focus on using mirrors in a specific place to help that spacious feel. If you’re dealing with a larger room you should place them directly across from the windows, where they will reflect the natural light from the outside. You can also use decorative mirrors if you have empty walls space, as they can be a great addition to almost any room instead of art or decorations.

You can create a great deal of variety by mixing and matching old and new patterns and styles, so feel free to explore what you can accomplish. Avoid sticking to what most people would consider the “right” way of doing things unless you’re going for a specific style and look, for example traditional Japanese interiors or something similar. Everything you place inside your home becomes a living testament of your taste, your vision and your past so feel free to express yourself. Varying your fabrics, decorations and furniture can make a huge difference in the end.

ou can make use of slip covers to change the looks of your furniture pieces. These can be used to have them fit the seasons or you could simply exchange them for another once once you’re sick of the current look. Thankfully they are not terribly expensive and they come in many varieties and materials that allow you to take a different approach each time. They can also be a great boon for kids rooms, serving as the first line of defense against stains and protecting the upholstery. One slip cover can mean a huge difference in style, such as changing the old and unpleasant-looking couch into a bright and gorgeous-looking piece of furniture that lasts.

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