Small Modern Kitchen Design

At first glance, decorating small places may appear as a challenging task. On the other hand, it can present you with a lot of possibilities, if you employ your imagination and a couple of basic design rules. The same goes for your kitchen interior. Whether you want classic or contemporary, homey or trendy, casual or elegant look, you can achieve it even if you have limited space. The secret is to find the balance between practical and stylish.

In times, the kitchen has developed in more than just a cooking place. It is a multi – purpose room that serves as entertainment or dining area. Your design needs to reflect its different functions. It is essential to keep the clutter away when dealing with small spaces. Modern decor and minimalism go hand in hand. That is why this design is particularly appropriate for small kitchens. The bottom-line is to have clear idea before undertaking any interior changes.

The easiest way to create the illusion of spaciousness is by applying colour. Pick neutral palettes that are classic and unobtrusive. Light and pastel tones will create warm and soothing atmosphere. You can also use intense, but earthy shades that will give depth, while bringing modern and luxurious touch.

Modern design is traditionally associated with industrial materials. Structure and organization are defining traits of the modern design. Stainless steel fixtures combined with hard wood counter-top and furniture will add harmonious contrast. When you don’t have enough floor space, take advantage of your walls and use full – height cabinets. With open shelving you have everything at close reach. Plus you can expose interesting ornaments and stack of dishes and cups that will serve as decoration without overfilling the space. Other options are plate and pot racks, as well as wine and spice storage solutions. Carts will also make a useful addition to your design. Win the battle with messy drawers, with organizers for your cutlery.

Choose tables and chairs with clean lines and unique design. It can be anything from an unconventional form to bright colour or untypical texture. Geometrical patterns and shapes will add something different to your modern kitchen.

Avoid visual clutter. Limit your choice for furniture and appliances to the bare necessities. Remove the excess of furnishings by calling a clearance service. The rubbish removal will free up additional space. An alternative to the home clearance is simply offering your old possessions online.

If you are not planning to make any big renovations, you can simply remove the excess. This will immediately give you the perception of freedom. Pedant lights will make the space feel even smaller. Get items that serve multiple tasks.

Storage and de-cluttering takes central place in the small kitchen design. In general it’s better to keep everything clear, clean and simple. Still, if you want to accessorize your modern kitchen, you can do it with different storage and clearance solutions. Combine glass jars and baskets. Create texture by ordering bowls and plates in different colour on your open shelf.

Keep in mind that designing a small kitchen requires a thorough thinking and planning. Choose horizontal cabinetry and simplistic furniture. Don’t be afraid to purchase big sized appliances. Contrary to the common opinion, big furniture will make the room look larger. The bottom-line is to experiment and play with the many options that modern design offers you.

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