The Big Bathroom Design Trends

The bathroom is usually unfairly neglected when it comes to decoration. It is still part of your interior and as such it deserves some attention. The bathroom is where you spend part of your personal part, as well as one of the spots your guests will probably visit. You need to make it presentable and appealing; not only by cleaning it regular. You should create an atmosphere.

As more designers recognize the importance of a good bathroom decor, variety of trends and solutions evolved.2015 provides you with exciting ideas that will turn your bathroom into a peaceful retreat.

Accent on the Floor

Tiles are major design trend this year. They vary in shapes and colours. You can create gorgeous patterns and pull out different designs. If this is not enough, they will make the bathroom cleaning Ltd. super easy and fast. Add depth to the space by getting geometric tiles in neutral colour. Bright and arresting tones will make the place intense. If you still want to incorporate colour into your flooring, choose pastel and serene tones. This is a good way to shake up the things, especially when the rest of your bathroom is white. Tiles will work particularly well in small spaces by adding style, without being too overwhelming.

Nature’s Touch

The Zen philosophy is largely incorporated in the contemporary bathroom design.  Plants have special role. Get any kind of greenery that can survive the conditions in your bathroom. You need to take into account that this area usually doesn’t get enough sunlight and is humid.

Free – Standing Tub

The era of free – standing tubs is not over yet. So if you are planning on getting one, purchase a bath with sleek and sculptural design. It is not only aesthetic, it evokes luxury and sophistication. The tub is symbol of self – indulgence and relaxation. Picking a free – standing tub is tricky, because it should complement your overall bath design. Don’t jump into buying a bath before putting some thought in it. Do you have enough space? Does it fit the overall theme of the space? Will it impose difficulty to your bathroom cleaning when it comes to deep cleaning.

Vanities with a Twist

Blending appliances and fixtures is typical characteristic of the 2015 design.  Vanities with sink are classy solution that will fit most of the bathroom designs.

Metallic Trace

There is a variety of bathroom fixtures with interesting finishes. Metallic is been around for while, but chrome, brushed nickel and oil –rubbed bronze are quickly replacing it. Of course, the good old stainless steel is a safe choice.


Soft, relaxing and unobtrusive light will fit best the bathroom decor.  If you’re aiming towards lush design, you can go for a lavish chandelier. Antique scones or artsy fixtures will give character to your bathroom.

With A Though For the Environment

“Green? is a big theme of  contemporary design. Forget about the dull and basic bathroom appliances. Replace them with the smart, user – friendly and efficient fixtures. These types of showers and facets will give you more control over the temperature and flow of the water and it is also easy to clean. These high – tech features will give edge to your bathroom, while providing you with amazing experience.

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