Wall Art Ideas For The Dining Room

If you have a really traditional dining room area it is a good idea to spend some times decorating it. There are plenty of ways to create the right ambiance for the room but the unfortunate truth is that many people forget the importance of wall art in a dining room. The focus is often only on the lighting above the table and the table decorations itself.

To help ensure you have the right kind of art on the walls here are some suggestions to consider.

Open Shelves

You can create a good focal point to a dining room with some open shelves. Floating shelves are especially a big hit at the moment and can really create a lot of functionality for the room.

You can use the shelves as both for décor and practical purposes. Not only does it look good to place some of the most used items on the shelves it can also help you store your vases, for instance.

Adding your pretty and less used cutlery on these shelves can work really well and create a lovely feel to the room.

Large Cabinets

Naturally, you could also just opt for large cabinets that take majority of the wall space in the room. These do require a larger room and it is always a good idea to still opt for half open or glass cabinets to add some more flair to the room.

There is a really nice idea mentioned at the DIY Enthusiasts website on creating a DIY ladder shelf. The ideas mentioned would work nicely on a dining room and would add a good finishing touch to the space.

Large Vinyl Sticker

You can also just leave the walls clean of any furniture or similar such items. Creating a great atmosphere by just using vinyl stickers is a really trendy idea at the moment.

The good thing about vinyl stickers is the fact that you can remove it easily and even reuse it at a different location.

There are plenty of lovely vinyl sticker designs to consider. You can either go with something really bold with a bright colour or a subtler design to just compliment your table décor, for example.

Plates On The Wall

Something a little bit more unusual is to hang some plates on the wall. This is really lovely idea for a dining room because it fits well with the idea of the room. It also isn’t as hard as you might think to create a nice decorative wall piece with plates.

You don’t even really need to have similar plates as long as you can find a great way to place them. This sort of combination can either take the whole space or just a portion of it.

The above ideas work really well as wall décor in a dining room. It is important that you do something with the wall space in the dining room because it can really help you create the right ambiance or just improve the practicality of the room.

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